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A network of entrepreneurs, executives, and angels.
Advisors to investors, founders, and executives.
Operators who build, and scale companies.

We work with


We work with angels, venture capitalists, and corporate investors.


We work with startup boards, founders, founding teams, and early employees.


We work with corporate boards, executives, general managers, and functional managers.

We provide

Business Development

For startups, we research their market and create a strategy to achieve their business objectives. We plan how to engage with the market, and establish relationships with market participants.

Sales Processes

For technical founders, we help them build their sales team, with the right culture, practices, and processes. We bring a proven process for working the sales pipeline and writing the sales playbook. 

Technical Due Dilligence

For investors and acquirers, we review system architectures, development processes, and engineering teams. We review every line of code, identifying security and licensing risks.

Where we work

San Francisco

We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley: Menlo Park, and Palo Alto. We are well established in the ecosystem, with deep connections into the investor, executive, and founder communities. 

New York

We work with clients based on the east coast, representing their interests in Silicon Valley. Our clients are blockchain startups in New York, and an affective computing startup in Boston. 


We are in Europe frequently, as we represent clients headquartered in London, Paris, and Berlin. We help these EU startups find their US markets.

Who we are


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John Merrells - CEO, Founder

John has worn all the hats: engineer, manager, leader, founder, mentor, advisor, consultant, and investor. As an engineer, he built simulation games, network clients, enterprise servers, and internet services. His specialty is systems programming, specifically distributed systems programming. He has founded many startups: a games company, a startup accelerator, and a blockchain project. John invests in startups building technologies that effect positive social change, particularly in education and health. He is an expert in the areas of cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. John reads widely, with a current interest in philosophy, politics, and economics.

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Megan Balmforth - Operations

Megan has been John’s Executive Assistant since 2013. Megan manages The Reflector Network’s community of partners and clients.


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Steven Atneosen - Grand Chasm

Steven is a seasoned mentor, advisor, and corporate development leader. He has extensive experience with enterprise/SaaS technology startups and turnarounds leading strategy, operations, business/corporate development, legal and compliance in automotive (mobility), healthcare, education, hospitality, and gaming.

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Walter Roth - Inward Sales

Walter is the Founder of Inward Sales, which helps leaders and organizations cultivate moment-to-moment sales awareness and alignment to deliver on the promise: Less selling, more sales. Walter and John have collaborated on several different projects since 2012.

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David Ngo - Behavior Delta

David is an experienced behavior designer who works with a variety of clients in forming life-changing habits. One of his first successes was helping John develop a teeth-flossing habit! He is passionate about promoting mindfulness and wellness in all aspects of his clients’ lives.

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